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The Rules of Dressing up!

Posted on 28 October 2017

Gone are the days when going out means ultimately ending up in a dark, dimly lit party venue. There are iPhones, camera cases with built in ring-lights and you can never be sure which photos you will end up in on social media, intentionally or otherwise. Thus, the importance of picking the most perfect dress which is flattering from all angles and having your hair and make-up on point is paramount. Luckily, we have a couple of tips up our sleeve to assist in you resulting in The Belle of the Ball.

Tip No. 1
Invest in a decent make-up artist. Now we don't mean hiring a fully fledged make-up artiste to the stars, yet acquire the help of a trained and knowledgeable make-up associate at your local department store with all the tools and palettes at their mercy. Although it can seem somewhat less than glamorous having your face painted in public, they will have every shade at their mercy and it takes so much stress out of the entire getting ready process so all you need to do is slip into your beautiful gown and your ready! Most make-up counters offer make-up application for the cost of two products, some of our favourites are Charlotte Tilbury and Tom Ford.

Tip No. 2
Book in for a spray tan 2 days before your event. Looking like a bronze goddess is always going to leave you looking slender and glowy in your photos. The trick is to schedule your spray tan 2 days before your event so you are not too dark yet you still have a back-from-St Barth's sunkissed look. If you are brave and have someone on hand to assist you, we love Vita Liberata for a gorgeous, natural looking bronzing. If you like us, prefer to let the pro's work their magic for you, tap your post code into BookYourLifestlye.com to locate your nearest tanning salon.

Tip No. 3
Have your hair professionally blown out the morning of your event. For curls that go the extra mile and last all night, have your stylist pintuck your curls with bobby pins and pull them out just before you slip out the door. 

Tip No. 4 
Wear your heels in ahead of your event. Everyone has their trust pair of dancing shoes and nobody wants to miss out on all that dancefloor fun, banished to the banquet seating because their heels hurt them too much. If you are part of a wedding party or posing for photos and your trusty dancing shoes don't match, take extras and bring them out after the photocall is over! If you're intent on wearing your new purchase on the night, start wearing them in the week before your event with big socks under your desk at work and slowly get used to them. Just like all things in life, great things take time! We also recommend keeping a stash of Scholl Party Feet rescue remedies in your purse just in case!

Tip No. 5 
Shop for your party dress ahead of time. This will take the stress off and enable you to make a sensible, unpressed decision. If you are heavier on top yet have a tiny waist, by a bigger size and pop along to your local tailor to have it adjusted. Order options, try your gorgeous formal gowns on in the comfort of your own home and return what you don't keep. Shaide Boutique offers free returns to give you plenty of options and choice.

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Tip No. 6 
HAVE FUN! Now that you have the perfect evening gown, your make-up and hair ready, you are feeling like a billion dollars and all that's left is to enjoy the night! We can't wait to see your photos!

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